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  • 50% from faucet
  • 5% from the purchase of a cloud contract

Welcome to BitcoinTrain site!

Here you can find services related to crypto-currencies.

Crypto Faucets Catalog

Here you can not only find a list of the best faucets, but also add yours!

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Micro cloud mining

Here you can buy the computing power of real equipment and receive a part of its income every day!

Available rigs

2x Nvidia gtx 1070 #22441.60$22.70047309351%

Bring your friends and get 5% of their investment in a cloud contract!

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Dice Hi\Lo

If you feel luck today, you can always experience it in the game! All throws are absolutely honest and we can not falsify the results!

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BTC Faucet

If you do not have available funds, but you want to try some of the site's services, you can always get a few satoshi for free!

But you do not need to spend the received satosh within the site, you can also get them freely on your wallet, for example, on FaucetHub!

Bring your friends and get 50% of their reward from faucet!

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Trains game

Have you ever met sites that offer you 50%, 100%, 200% a day from your deposit? Most of them work according to the Ponzi scheme.

This service uses the same scheme but in a game form and openly declaring it.

Just buy a ticket and hope that this time your train will not leave without you =)

You receive a reward after the train bank accumulates the amount of the reward from buying tickets for this train and after all who are before you - get their reward.

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