Available deposit methods:

  • Directly from your BTC wallet
  • from FaucetHub.io
  • from faucetsystem.com
Available withdraw methods:

  • Directly to your BTC wallet
  • to FaucetHub.io
Affiliate program:

  • 50% from faucet
  • 5% from browser mining and local pool
  • 5% from the purchase of a cloud contract
Micro cloud mining

BitcoinTrain Micro cloud mining

Service for those who can not afford equipment or a full cloud contract and faucets users.
Invest Satoshi and start making profits from them tomorrow!

You pay for equipment in dollars. Profitability over the past two weeks is presented for review, future equipment profits may change and depend on the future price of the BTC.

You can withdraw and deposit you Satoshi from https://faucethub.io/ or https://faucetsystem.com/.
Also you can use the site faucet.

Through the site you buy computing power, then every day you will receive a profit equivalent to the purchased capacity. To find out how much was earned today and check your accruals, you can check the statistics on these two sites.

https://www.miningrigrentals.com/rigs/66544 (profit from renters)
https://www.nicehash.com/miner/37fExsr1SzWPKTLgF7j7kSVdavNN4UN5io (profit if not rented)

From income, daily service is deducted (6$ per month) and the profit is divided between investors.

You receive Satoshi every day and at any time you can withdraw or reinvest the profit.

Many faucets are united in hubs, where you have the ability to output to the hub at least 1 satosh from each faucet. Simply create a wallet at https://faucethub.io/ or https://faucetsystem.com/ and get rewards from the faucets from the lists https://faucethub.io/faucets/BTC or https://rotator.faucetsystem.com/

Referral program:
5% with each contract purchase micro cloud mining!

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